The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Configurator Is Up, So Make Your Dream Porsche Wagon

Like any upstanding human, you’ve been wanting a Porsche station wagon for pretty much as long as you can remember. That’s healthy. Happily, Porsche now actually has one, and even if you don’t have the large piles of money needed to own one, you can build a virtual one and pretend for a few moments before the sobbing starts, right here. Enjoy.

Of course, Porsche being Porsche, there’s all kinds of exciting ways to blow money with the available options without really getting all that much. Take the $420 difference between these two options here:


So, one has high-gloss black paint? That should be a pretty dramatic difference, right? Let’s see what that’s like:

Wow. Am I even looking at the same car? Keep in mind, Porsche had total control over these images, and could maximize the visual difference between these two options. This is what they came up with.

Speaking of high-gloss black, I like how if you get some of the high-gloss black options like


and maybe


... you can end up with a car that looks like a poverty-spec ‘90s car with unpainted black plastic mirrors and door handles:


If only they offered the bumpers in high-gloss black! Then you could have your perfect Panamera Sport Turismo Base-Model Corolla Tribute Car.

Some options are a good value:


Choosing to have nothing where there would be normally something? Seems fair.

Tired of tachometers that are almost entirely beigeless? Of course you are. Porsche solves this problem, for only $420!


Anyway, why not take a break and configure your ideal Porsche wagon! Bonus whatevers to whoever can come up with the most expensive one! (Hint: go for the ceramic brakes.)

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