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The Porsche 918 Spyder is now a plug-in hybrid reality

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Porsche officially announced this morning the fabulously gorgeous 918 Hybrid first shown at last year's Geneva Motor Show is now a production reality with an eye-watering $845,000 price, a 500-plus horsepower engine and a plug-in electric powertrain. Do want.


Wait, did we just say that about a hybrid? Really? Really. Just take a look at the powertrain.


The supercar gets a 500-plus horsepower V8 engine mounted amidships and a plug-in electric powertrain consisting of two electric motors — one each on the front and rear axles — totaling an additional 218 horsepower and allowing for an all-wheel drive system with independent control of the drive force on both axles.

Electrical energy will be stored in a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery that can be recharged from a standard household outlet. Electric-only driving range is expected to be more than 16 miles on the NEDC. Recharge time will depend on each country's electrical power network, but charging is expected to take about seven hours at 110V/10A in the United States. A quick-charge option is being evaluated to further reduce charging times.

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Official EPA fuel economy figures or estimates will be announced just before the first customer cars begin arriving in the United States near the end of 2013 — but who cares? We're talking about 718-plus horsepower — in a Porsche!


Porsche will produce no more than 918 units with start of production beginning on September 18th, 2013 (9/18). Suggested retail price is $845,000 (excluding destination and handling charges) and they're taking customer orders right now.

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Act now and Porsche will also throw in a special-edition 911 Turbo S Coupe or Cabriolet for just $160,000 and $172,100 respectively. Seriously. Here's what the press release says about these two extra-special offers going along with the 918 hybrid:

"Customers who order the 918 Spyder also have the opportunity to acquire a special-edition 911 Turbo S Coupe or Cabriolet. Also limited to no more than 918 units, the 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder will have exterior and interior design elements echoing the plug-in hybrid 918 Spyder supercar's styling. It features similar exterior colors, carbon-fiber elements inside and out, enhanced leather equipment and numerous acid-green accents on items such as the brake calipers, illuminated sill plates, interior stitching and instrument cluster needles. A limited-edition badge on the glove compartment door will feature the same production number as the customer's 918 Spyder.

Worldwide 918 Spyder customers can begin ordering this special edition 911 Turbo S sports car today, and customer deliveries will start later in 2011. The U.S. base manufacturer's suggested retail prices for the Coupe and Cabriolet versions are the same as the standard 911 Turbo S models, $160,700 and $172,100 respectively, excluding destination."


Operators are standing by?

Want to see what those special edition Porsche 911s will look like? Check out the gallery over on the left.

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Porsche being Porsche, leather seats will run another $100K, and a dash-mounted clock will set you back another $40K.