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Deep down, I guess I knew the day would come when we’d see a 996 Porsche 911 Safari. At first I was afraid, but now I see the light. And not just because this thing has six on its roof rack. This is a galaxy brain Porsche and if you don’t believe that you clearly haven’t seen the seats.

If you’ve tried to buy a used Porsche in the last three (five?) years, you’re probably well aware that the car community is firmly in the clutches of rear-engined fever right now and pretty much anything with the Stuttgart stallion on its hood costs a fortune.


The 996 era 911, the one that was made from the very late ’90s to the mid ’00s, has been one of the last boats to rise with this tide of Porsche prices because nobody likes those godawful fried egg-looking headlights.

And something something catastrophic engine failures due to intermediate shaft bearings going bad but we’re losing sight of what’s important here: some creatively thinking hero has taken the generally least-loved variant of the 911 and bastardized it into something beautiful. And lucky for them, they’re trying to sell it as I write this so you’re welcome for the free ad.


Speaking of the ad, the Craigslist ad I spotted this car on says the vehicle is a Carrera 2 on a two inch lift that “still maintains original ride quality and handling” (hmm) with Cooper snow and mud tires for dirt-throwing shenanigans.


The skid plate, roof rack, adventure accessories and militaristic livery sell the Safari look the rest of the way.


Inside, we’ve got rubber floor mats (good) the correct transmission (nice) and ho my god those seats (perfection) come together to convince me this is a weirdly well sorted out 996.

Some of the places it’s been photographed in the ad look familiar. Maybe the seller will let me take a spin if they see this. If so, I’ll report back. Meanwhile I think this has to be first 996 Safari... right?


Hat tip to Joel Johnson!

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