The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Will Be Back, But Not Yet

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As great as the current 991 iteration of Porsche 911 is, and it continues to turn out some amazing variants, a GT2 and GT2 RS version has been conspicuously absent so far. But Porsche’s boss for hi-po cars says it will be back someday, just not for a while.


To recap: Porsche is in the process of revising the current 991s to feature turbocharging on every model except the GT3 and GT3 RS. We’ve known that for some time.

But the UK’s Autocar says that once these revisions are in place, toward the end of the 991’s life around 2018 or so, we’ll get the GT2 RS that is currently being worked on. So says Andreas Preuninger, manager of Porsche High Performance Cars:

Preuninger confirmed that a new GT2 RS would be built but said it would not be for the existing series of the 911. Instead, it will come at the end of the life of the Gen 2 car, probably in 2018.

The previous 997-based GT2 RS offered 611bhp in a package weighing just 1370kg and is widely regarded as the most extreme 911 ever to goon general sale.

The last 997 GT2 RS was indeed a turbocharged monster of a car, at the time the fastest and most powerful street car Porsche had ever made. It’s been trumped in those departments since its 2010 unveiling, but it still ranks among the all-time great 911s.

I’m glad to hear it will be back with the 991, even if we have to wait a couple of years for it.


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I feel stupid now... I thought it was the GT2 then the GT3 was the next gen, then GT4 etc.

Can someone explain to me how the GT2 would fit in when there's a GT3 and 911 turbo? I don't get it and I've been reading Jalopnik a long time 😐