The Porsche 911 GT1 Was A Perfect Race Car Until It Was An Airplane

The Porsche 911 GT1 is very nearly the perfect race car. Gorgeous, fast, and it even had a production version. Though I say "very nearly," because it had a tendency to flip. Spectacularly, backwards.


But because today is Group C-smas, and Group C-smas is all about giving, you also get more than 10 full minutes of the Porsche 911 GT1 duking it out against the Ferrari 333SP. And while the duo of the deep growl of the Porsche's flat six against the screaming V12 of the Ferrari is a full symphonic orchestra in its own right, you might as well be playing the Jaws theme music over the whole thing.

The sense of foreboding is palpable each time the GT1 crests a hill, and you can actually see the entire front end dance off the road surface. At 3:08, 5:11, and 6:40, you can see the forward half of the car just ever-so-slightly lift off.

But it must've all looked fine from the pits, until the car completely took to the air.


Were the issues with this car similar to that of the Mercedes issues famously had at Le Mans?