In the mood for a one-of-a-kind Pontiac now that the brand's dead? This 1985 Pontiac Trans Am Experimental Kammback is for sale and fits the weirdo bill. It's a GM experimental with a wagon-back bolting right into the hatch opening.

Hit the images to learn more about this rare Pontiac relic:

The Kammback shape was something GM played with during the 70's and early 80's. It's got some distinct advantages including much-improved aerodynamics and thus top speed and fuel economy, but it also affords an additional measure of storage space. This particular prototype was based on the '85 Trans Am and the unique rear treatment was more or less a bolt-on feature. It replaces the sweeping hatch with the boxier Kamm shaped rear. It even uses the latch placement so it can open for easy access.

What? You thought it might not be fitted with at least one screaming chicken? That's like the hot dogs without mustard or peanut butter left jelly free.


This car was professionally restored by Scott Tiemann of Supercar Specialties in Portland, Michigan so the interior is in immaculate condition, free of cigarette butts and dream catchers and in a shade of gray oddly named "Dove."


The Trans Am Kammback was equipped with the 305 cubic inch high-output V8 with all of 190 HP driving a four speed manual. It'll have to be enjoyed on a closed course though, this car has no VIN so it's unregisterable. It goes to auction at RM on March 13th, expected value somewhere between $50,000 and $80,000. [RM Auctions]