The Perils of Driver Changes

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Ferkel the Nein-11, a Volkswagen-diesel-powered Porsche 911 that competes in the 24 Hours of LeMons, seems to be a constant source of amusement. In this case, the team provides us with a gentle headbutt for our review and amusement. This, ladies and germs, is the peril of working in a tiny space.

Driver swaps outside of the hot pits don't usually require a helmet for the 24 Hours of LeMons. Just exercise good judgement and stick your head anywhere it shouldn't be.


Generally, where the driver is about to swing his head is a bad place to put your head, especially if there's nothing but a short layer of hair between you and a hard composite shell.

Speaking of which, does anyone else get the urge to headbutt things when they're wearing a racing helmet? I mean, it seems like it's made for headbutting, right?

Here's proof that it will probably hurt the other guy should you use a helmet as a headbutting apparatus. The poor dude strapping in the driver looks a little fuzzy after that one.

Take care of your teammates, man. Like the people who prepare your food, you don't want to mess with them because they can absolutely ruin your day (or race, or weekend.....or car) if provoked.


(H/T Christopher Blizzard; sorry about your head, dude.)