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The People's Curse: Mazdasaurus Wrecks

Illustration for article titled The Peoples Curse: Mazdasaurus Wrecks

The people have spoken, spoken in voodoo, and their collective voices cursed and then crushed the living shit out of the Mazdasaurus Wrecks. First of all, a tip of the NFC North Champ Green Bay Packers cap to the artist they got to work the excavator. Amazing. He actually yanked the engine out like it was a still beating heart. Second, we can't say we didn't warn you. Anyhow, enjoy the galleries, as they are essentially all that's left of the F1-sounding Mazdasaurus Wrecks.


These guys were were ripping anything and everything of any value at all (like the seat) out of their doomed car. Drained all the gasoline, too.


$500 down the tubes.

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That'll buff right out.

I have been to two Lemons races but unfortunately was behind the wheel when the People's Curse cars were destroyed. I agree that I think it's a bit more interesting to wreck the car just to the edge of death so the team can resurrect it and run again. All of the cars that were "destroyed" at the previous Lemons races at Altamont (Aurora, Camaro, 7-series) were brought back to life in comical fashion.

I know I'd cry if that was my team's car.