The Panoz Esperante Spyder Comes With An Infinite Speedo And Loud V8s

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Panoz is back in the road car business with this, the Esperante Spyder, which is actually a really nice roadster you can buy with GM or Ford V8s, a six-speed manual and hydraulic steering. It also comes with an infinite speedometer for fun.

Panoz is one of those weird car companies you wouldn't know much about unless you're into boutique manufacturers. Based in Georgia and building everything from Le Mans GT race cars to the early Deltawings, they also made fully homologated road cars in the US up to 2006. Eight years later, they're giving it another go with those in mind who prefer exclusivity with a Made in America sticker.


While the Esperante Spyder's design might feel a bit long in the tooth having come from the early 2000s, none of the 25 they're planning to build is going to look the same.

With up to 800 hp from engines that are fully serviceable at Ford or GM dealers, an all-aluminum body, a choice of manual and automatic gearboxes, traditional hydraulic steering, a nice sound and leather, wood, carbon fiber and billet aluminum in the cabin, the Esperante remains an interesting option surrounded by all the giants at its price range.

And when it comes down to luggage space, Panoz wins hands down.

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I never understood how that front bumper could be so poorly fit. It looks like shit, the shape is awful, and if you look at the front end in the video, NOTHING lines up and it doesn't even look symmetrical.

God damn, they got 80% of that car nearly perfect, but it's like they farmed out the front bumper to a high school auto shop class in the 90s.