The Outrageous FV Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci Wants to Be the Italian Koenigsegg

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Photo: FV Frangivento

Ever heard of FV Frangivento? If you haven’t, you’re not alone—the Italian automaker has only recently unveiled their outrageous 996 HP Asfane DieciDieci. But the company is already dreaming big.


The Asfane DeiciDeici debuted on May 30 at the Turin Automobile Museum, La Stampa reports, three years after the first concept was introduced. And it looked as absurd in real life as promised by the initial concept sketches.

Illustration for article titled The Outrageous FV Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci Wants to Be the Italian Koenigsegg
Image: FV Frangivento

Where does its name come from? Autocar
has some answers:

Asfanè means ‘it can’t be done’ in Piedmontese dialect, implying the company has achieved the impossible in bringing the concept to reality. ‘DieciDieci’ means simply ‘TenTen’, which is the metric horsepower produced by the hybrid drive – or around 996bhp, which puts it close to the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar but behind the 1160bhp Aston Martin Valkyrie in terms of total power output.

The entire car is reportedly handmade, which is why it took so long to come to fruition. Using parts from Brembo, Pirelli, Oz Racing, and Sparco, the company is promising this to be every supercar fanatic’s dream.

While specific details are still tough to find and actual performance specs have yet to be released, La Stampa tells us what they know (in translation):

To the 5.4 liter turbo V10 thermal engine of German derivation - «pressed» up to 860 horsepower placed in the rear position - two front electric motors are added. Total: 1010 horses.


The shell, hand-beaten in aluminum, is designed and developed by the Piedmontese company: it is modular, in view of the modifications to create models with other steps. A piece of high craftsmanship that can cost up to two million euros . New compared to the 2016 concept, the nose that recalls the shape of a trimaran, in Formula E style, but also the all-wheel drive. Note: the door handles are gilded, have the shape of guns and are activated by squeezing the trigger.


(Is anyone else as interested in those door handles as I am? No? Okay.)

In the video above, you can see that the car has gullwing doors, a giant diffuser and a six-tip exhaust. There’s a freestanding instrument cluster, as well as a reasonably-sized infotainment system embedded in the dashboard.


The two-tone red-and-white interior is probably my favorite thing about the whole car. It’s clean and futuristic—and a step away from the dark leather interiors that are so prevalent.

Italian website Quattroruoute quotes designer Giorgio Pirolo as saying, “We want to be like the Koenigsegg but with the flag in plain sight.” Namely, that they want to be the Italian version of the notorious Swedish hypercar manufacturer.


It’s a bold claim, especially when we’re still waiting on a spec sheet to fill in the details we’re currently missing. But FV Frangivento’s debut car is definitely one to keep your eye on.

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