The Other Reason To Stop Watching Top Gear Is Back

Matt Farah (I think) In “the best car ever:” a beat-up E30 (Image: Drive/NBC)
Matt Farah (I think) In “the best car ever:” a beat-up E30 (Image: Drive/NBC)

There are exactly two types of TV shows about cars: sensationalized “build” dramas set to slow-motion footage of sparks, and Top Gear knockoffs. The latter “boy’s trip” motif tends to be a little more bearable so I’m excited to see what my friends have in store for the third season of /Drive on NBC Sports.

We’re going to see everybody’s favorite car vlogger Matt Farah, token English accent Chris Harris, speed limit conspiracy theorist Alex Roy and Jalopnik alum Mike Spinelli (now featuring a haircut) say things like “this is like watching my own first attempt at sex” as a clapped-out BMW 3-Series is forced to go rock crawling.


I’m excited. These are all decidedly watchable personalities, at least one of them can drive, and an E30 versus Jeep Renegade versus Bentley Bentayga (which seems to be what’s insinuated in this sizzle reel) is exactly the kind of automotive silly/awesomeness I want to see more of.

NBC Sports is turning up the heat on car coverage and we should all start tuning in. I caught some sweet King Of The Hammers coverage on my last JetBlue flight on this channel and the fact that they’re backing a Top Gear-esque car-adventure show seems to indicate they’re going to keep it moving with car stuff.

Anyway, looks like the /DRIVE show will start going this Friday (October 14th) on NBC Sports so, if you have a TV, get into it and tell us what you think!

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Slightly silly question: is Top Gear okay with Chris Harris filming what is technically, sorta, kind of a Top Gear competitor?