The Origin Of The Species, Cygnet Edition

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Caught in the wild at a London car show, a Jalopnik reader astutely parked his original Mini next to the upcoming Aston Martin Cygnet. Must be evolution at work, because there's no signs of intelligent design. (Thanks Jon!) [Flickr]



I just threw up... In my head I was really hoping the Cygnet was just vaporware, like a Model S or a Fisker Karma. I was hoping it only existed on someones computer as a way for Aston Martin to say they were looking for more fuel efficient solutions and in reality just waiting for the next evolution in engine design to come along. I was hoping it was an idea that would never get out of the factory. I was hoping it wouldn't exist. Sadly, it does. Today is a dark day for me. I'm gonna go crawl back under my rock. Hopefully, If I wish it away, it will disappear from my mind.