The Oregon Department of Transportation Would Like You To Fuck

Image via Oregon DOT
Image via Oregon DOT

Don’t you ever doubt that the Oregon Department of Transportation isn’t down with the times and hip with the kids. When it’s snowy outside, the government wants to keep you warm by encouraging you to partake in the sexy time. What the tweets call “Netflix and chill”.

The Oregon DOT is tired of quoting lyrics from that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” song. Maybe your lame state tweets that, but not Oregon. Oregon is all about nervously ignoring twenty minutes of the crappy remake of The Miracle On 34th Street before the pajamas come off.


Perhaps the Oregon DOT Twitter account doesn’t exact know what the “chill” in the expression means. They just know that whatever chilling you do in your home is better than the dangers of the chilled roads outside.

So turn on the fireplace, log in to your parents’ Netflix account, break out eggnog and get on with the snog. Your government wills you.

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Baby it’s Cold Outside is about date rape. I prefer Netflix and chill. Oregon resident here too.