The Old Top Gear Guys Are Developing A New Website Called 'DriveTribe'

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have been busy over the last year developing a new motoring show for Amazon to rival their old hosting gigs on BBC’s Top Gear. It turns out they’ve also been busy developing a media empire to coincide with their new show called DriveTribe.

From Variety’s report on the new media platform, which is a fancy term for “website with videos and a social media presence”:

DriveTribe, which aims to become the digital home for motoring fans worldwide, is structured into different “tribes,” each with their own characteristics and personality. Each tribe will be hosted by stars, bloggers, writers and videographers, including Clarkson, Hammond and May, who will generate and curate their own content for fans.

Users sign up to the tribes that reflect their personal motoring interests, and can also create their own tribes. “What we are looking to do is build a next-generation vertical that is dedicated to motoring, and that really combines content, social and commerce,” Schmitt said. The content will be produced both by professional content creators, and the users.


The new website is being financed by the three presenters, as well as long-time producer Andy Wilman and tech entrepreneur and DriveTribe CEO Ernesto Schmitt, and is being developed separate from the new Amazon motoring show, but will obviously be influenced by the presenting trio’s adventures.

Evidently Clarkson, Hammond, and May will be interacting with their “Tribes” on a daily basis, and the ability for the DriveTribe team and the fans of the website to create new enthusiast “Tribes” is expected to be the selling point. Come only for what you want, with curated content specific to your interests.


In Variety’s report, May proclaimed it a home for Volvo enthusiasts, Hammond drew comparisons to Twitch and TripAdvisor, and Clarkson compared it to YouPorn.

The Verge described the new website as “a sort of SB Nation for car nuts.”

With the diversity of the motoring enthusiast sphere, something like DriveTribe sounds like an interesting, and even good, idea. But it also sounds like something that needs a dedicated team, a constant flow of content, and an easy method for users to interact and organize.


At least for now that sounds like the plan, and we’ll get a better idea of how it all works out once it goes live, which is expected to be this fall.