But is that a bad thing, necessarily?

The new Acura NSX, or Honda NSX depending on your market, happens to be quite excellent in our estimation. It’s also a twin-turbo hybrid with all-wheel drive and more technology than an F1 car and a Space Shuttle put together.

The two cars have six cylinders in the middle and the same name, but that’s about it.


So when you pit them back to back, as Drivetribe (remember that? It’s still a thing and they do videos now) did, you should not be surprised to get very different experiences. And Jethro Bovingdon here finds fault with the new NSX’s weight and soft brake pedal.

Sadly we never find out which can pull the better lap time on this track due to rev and speed limiters on the old NSX R in this test. But the verdict is that the new NSX is an NSX, even if it’s a very different one.


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