"The Old Cars" Is A Beautiful Photo Book About Old Cars We Love

The Old Cars is the latest book from Baltimore based photographer and librarian Patrick Joust. Using film and vintage mechanical cameras, he shoots cars on the street that are just as old as the machines on the tripod. Mostly at night.

I've been following Patrick's work on Flickr and Tumblr for a while, and although he is great at portrait, street and night photography too, his four-wheeled subjects remained my favorites. This picture made me buy a half-frame Chaika-3 which still has an unfinished roll in it since last summer. It's tough when you have too many cameras...


While I try to convince him to move to Kinja so we can share his stories, make sure to check out The Old Cars. It's free to download, but you should get a physical copy. Analog feels good.

Photo credit: Patrick Joust

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