The Nissan GT-R Nismo. The Nissan Juke Nismo. The Nissan Sentra Nismo. Anything can be Nismo'd. Everything will be Nismo'd. Nissan will not stop until all things have been Nismo'd even the humble Versa Note.

In Japan this fall, Nissan plans to release a Nismo and Nismo S version of their Honda Fit ripoff stylish, practical five-door hatchback, adding some red-striped fun to the lineup.

The package includes upgraded tires, custom sport seats or optional Recaros, a new aero and appearance package, and "enforced body rigidity," according to a news release. Nissan remained mum on other information about the Nismo Note, including its exact performance details.


Sadly, there are no plans to bring it to the U.S. at the moment, which is a shame because it looks like it could be pretty fun. Hopefully Nissan will find other things to Nismo over here.