The Nissan Kicks Won't Start at Less Than $20,000 Anymore

For model year 2023, Nissan is increasing the Kicks' price.

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The Nissan Kicks, one of the few cars left that still start at less than $20,000, will no longer have that distinction for 2023, Nissan confirmed this week. Instead, the base Kicks S will start at $20,290. The other trims of the Kicks are receiving minor price bumps as well.

The Kicks SV will now start at $22,150, while the Kicks SR will start at $22,850. All three versions of the Kicks will have destination fees of $1,295 tacked on. Aside from that, not much has changed about the 2023 Kicks compared to 2022, though there is some suggestion that, for 2024 or 2025, we could be getting a bigger, more SUV-er Kicks to plug the hole that is the outgoing Nissan Rogue Sport.

“With the all-new Rogue and recently redesigned Kicks, we will continue to cover this part of [the] market effectively,” Nissan Vice President Scott Shirley said recently in a memo recently obtained by Automotive News, referring to a 2020 facelift. Auto News also reported the following:

The Kicks is set for a redesign in early 2024 that would make it longer and wider, shrinking the size difference between it and the Rogue Sport. Dealers describe the new Kicks as being more aggressive and “SUV-like.”


That would mean that the 2023 Kicks might be the last we’ll see of a car first unveiled in 2016 and first sold in America in 2018, to replace the Nissan Juke. And while virtually nothing about the Kicks is remarkable, its inexpensive price was, at least, one of a dying breed of cars that automakers simply don’t have time for any more or, more to the point, parts and chips. For Nissan, that probably means churning out as many Armadas, Muranos, and Rogues as possible. One thing seems for sure: When the next-generation Kicks does get here, it will likely cost even more than it does now.