The Nissan IDx And These Classy Exotics Will Be In Fast & Furious 8

(Image: The Rock/Instagram)
(Image: The Rock/Instagram)

The Nissan IDx, that awesome little upright sport coupe concept we got so excited and immediately heartbroken over, will be immortalized in awesomeness in Fast & Furious 8. Looks like it will join a downright decent looking crew of other cars, too.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently made an Instagram post ostensibly promoting his new movie Central Intelligence but also showing off some cars “on set” which could only be referring to the set of the next Fast & Furious movie.


He simply calls the car in question “a $2 million Nissan prototype” but there’s no mistaking it as the IDx concept. It’s even wearing the same livery and “#80” it had on when it make the car show rounds two years ago.

The quick clip also showed off “the fastest Viper in the world”(?) a few Ferraris, a Rolls-Royce, Porsches, a MKIV Supra (would it be Fast & Furious without one?), a Lamborghini Gallardo, at least one Audi, an Aston Martin, what I think is an early NSX, and a few other machines a little too far out of frame for me to place.

Noticeably absent are garish graphics, spoilers and NOS stickers. Has the Fast & Furious franchise grown... mature?

You’re right, I’ll reserve judgement since it’s plenty possible these cars haven’t gone through costuming yet.


Johnson, who reportedly eats ten pounds of food every day, adds: “Who gives a shit because I don’t fit in these cars anyway!”

Never change, Dwayne.


Hat tip to The Rock and Japanese Nostalgic Car, which is an awesome site in case you couldn’t guess from the title.

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