The Next Ram Truck Looks More Like The Dodge Charger

The current Dodge Charger headlight, which it looks like the next Ram truck will sort of mimic. (Photo Credit: FCA)
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Leaked photos of teaser images of the next Ram truck’s front and rear ends have been circulating, and I finally realized what the headlight design reminds me of– it has the same LED accent-pincher as the current Dodge Charger.

Whoever snagged those sneaky cellphone pics of the next Jeep Wrangler and alleged Grand Wagoneer teaser posters at a Fiat Chrysler dealer’s meeting seems to have one of the Ram as well:


It looks a little chunkier than the current truck, with more shapes going on. That vertical bar dividing the grille got a whole lot fatter, too. And of course, the thing’s wearing requisite LED trim lights.

The back actually looks a bit like a GMC, with those bracket taillights, but with the Ram Rebel’s whale shark mouth shape moved from the front to the tailgate.

A refreshed Ram truck, presumably this one, is expected to come out within the next year or so for the 2018 model year. What we don’t know is what, if any, changes will happen beyond the aesthetics teased at in these images.

That gives us a lot of time to have tweaks made to the design, so I guess I wouldn’t count on this as the final look for the next Ram truck. But I’ll take it as at least a strong suggestion.


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