The Next Infiniti QX80 Will Be Less Terrible To Look At

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New cars should always look better than older versions of themselves. For some reason, Infinit has let the giant QX80 SUV look like an unpleasant stage on the cover of an Animorphs issue. The new QX80 Monograph concept previews a much less unfortunate future.


The QX80 Monograph Concept revealed at the New York Auto Show is not much more than a design study, which is admittedly a good priority for Infiniti to tackle with their bulky, super-luxurious, super-expensive Range Rover competitor.

The design update finally brings the headlights up to level with everything else, rather than looking like a big rig melting with the lights slowly sliding down the sides. The overall size of the concept is slightly bigger than a Range Rover, and it rocks some 24-inch wheels (which may not make it to production but, in this day and age, who actually knows).

Nothing else was specified, so I suppose Infiniti just wants us to look at it for now.


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