You, the Internet, raised $22,226 for "Easier Said Than Done," the next great rally documentary. Here's the trailer, and it looks amazing.


When Matthew Johnston was raising money on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make this doc, he said he would travel the world (eight countries) use helicopters, RC copters, and super-slow-mo high-speed cameras. As you can tell in this trailer, it paid off. It paid off big time.


The movie started out just being about the first all-American team to run in WRC Rally Finland, but it's clearly become the full-fledged comprehensive view of rallying I had always hoped it would.

You've seen the stars of "Easier Said Than Done" before. Rally Finland vet Chris Duplessis answered questions here, as did Antoine L'Estage and WRC world champion Petter Solberg.

The movie comes out September 28, and then it will debut on the Internet on October 1. I can't wait.


(Huge hat tip to Rally Extraordinaire McNewbie!)

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