The Next BMW i8 Will Be An All-Electric 750 HP Tech Demon: Report

Image Credit: Raphael Orlove
Image Credit: Raphael Orlove

Well, here’s a fun rumor: BMW is apparently bringing out the big guns for electric vehicles. In addition to updating the i3 and working on a new project called the iNext, BMW might also make the i8 fully electric and very fast. Maybe.


The news comes from Automobile’s Georg Kacher, who doesn’t cite a source. This leaves us free to assume that he got the word from Bigfoot, but hey, maybe Bigfoot has the low-down.

The iNext, or Project i20, is the EV that is said to have all-wheel-drive, a low center of gravity, a tight turning radius and a choice of engines ranging from 136 horsepower to 247 HP. Automobile suggests that we think of it as a “bigger, prettier, and more aerodynamic i3.” It will probably (?) be called the i5 or i6, hit dealerships in late 2021 and have a fully autonomous version available for 2025.

Also coming in 2022 is apparently the i8's replacement, but that “may slip to 2023.” And then this, from the story:

The current i8’s three-cylinder, range-extending internal combustion engine will be ditched in favor of three high-revving (25,000rpm) electric motors producing a total of 750 hp and more potent batteries capable of delivering a 300-mile range. Also part of the package are four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, torque vectoring, and an active suspension system that scans the road ahead.

I dearly hope this part turns out to be true, because as we have discussed here, the i8 kind of fizzled out after its initial launch. Maybe it was too expensive. Maybe it was too slow. It has striking looks for sure, but is anybody still talking about it? Not really. The Hellcats came out at a similar time to the i8, and people can’t seem to shut up about those.

Giving the i8 750 HP would definitely help put it back on the radar.

And these plans really aren’t that outlandish, not when you consider what Porsche is doing with the Mission E.


We have reached out to Bigfoot for further comment, but there’s no WiFi in the woods.

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Not sure what the point of the i8 was, no one spending that much on a supercar gives a shit about mpg, not to mention this type of car is never driven enough to show signifigant fuel savings during ownership. The only thing appealing about it was that it looked damn good. But if I were spending that much there are so many options that are much faster.