The Next Aston Martin Vantage AMR Will Keep the Manual

The Aston Martin Vantage Lime Essence, which does not have a manual.
The Aston Martin Vantage Lime Essence, which does not have a manual.
Photo: Aston Martin

Clutch pedals are the new-car equivalent of bobby pins: We simply see how long we can go without losing them, and, because we have no way to get them back, feel nothing but shame and regret once they’re gone. But the third pedal is back for another round in the Aston Martin Vantage AMR, as hinted at by a company teaser on Friday.


After all, Aston wouldn’t tweet a graphic highlighting the rectangle to the left in “Hello, look at me” green if it were the dead pedal—hopefully. You never know.

The AMR part of the name stands for Aston Martin Racing, which the company announced as its new “race-inspired performance range” in early 2017. The current Vantage AMR on Aston’s website came out not long after that original announcement with limited production numbers and six-figure prices, making it nearly two years old now.

That “race-inspired performance range” part wasn’t an exaggeration, either. Aston announced the Vantage AMR, the first Aston to get an AMR version in addition to its regular one, with the option for either a 430-brake horsepower V8 or a 595-BHP V12. Both had either paddle shifters or manual transmissions, with a six-speed manual for the V8 and a seven-speed for the V12.

Aston’s teaser tweet for the new Vantage AMR said a lot, and not much at all, at the same time. The clutch pedal is a big deal, but aside from that, all Aston said was that a new Vantage AMR is “coming soon.” That roughly translates to “set to be revealed within the next week,” according to Autocar.

It’s about time, regardless, considering that the current Vantage AMR has been around awhile now. And, if the new Vantage AMR is anything like the current one past the three pedals, there will be a ton of customization and performance options available—from aerodynamics kits to carbon-fiber seats.


But for now, all we know is that Aston’s new Vantage AMR will debut with the option to shift with the hands and the feet—not just with the press of a paddle. And that, everyone, is a good bobby pin not to lose.

Staff writer, Jalopnik


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This is good news. Surprised that Aston Martin gets what a lot of so-called Jalops don’t. The manual box Is the engaging way to enjoy a proper sportscar, and Aston Martin has just infused this thing with a bit more soul. God Bless Aston Martin !