Volvo “officially” came out with the first “official” pictures of its “official” new wagon, the 2017 Volvo V90, earlier today. And while it looks fine and handsome for a wagon, it could definitely use a pick-me-up. Especially in the wagon part of the wagon. This render is pretty much exactly what we were thinking.

Consider the shape of the actual V90, in this detail of a photo originally released by Volvo:


You can easily see, in contrast the big upright box on the back, that the V90 has a rounded, almost hatchback-like rear end. Just look at that slope, hanging off the rear end like a terrible dingleberry.

But now look at the shape on this render, sent into us by a lovely gentleman by the name of Ricky, with the back more slab-like:

Look at that! With just that slight change, a very pretty wagon is suddenly the most gorgeous thing this side of the Skagerrak. It’s a lot more sleek, and with the little spoiler on the roof it’s very reminiscent of the previous Volvo V70R. Not to mention all the added boot space.

Look, I’m sure the V90 hasn’t started production yet, so it’s not too late to change it. Box is beautiful, Volvo. Box is beautiful.


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