The New Volvo Rider Is A Freaking Packaging Nightmare

Volvo’s latest model introduction is just as sleek and modern as the rest of its rapidly updating lineup. Thor’s hammer in the lights, sophisticated bodywork, satisfying ergonomics—it’s just too dang bad there’s no place to put your stuff.

Using the latest in Homo Sapien propulsion technology, the new Volvo Rider is a Swedish-crafted aesthetic masterpiece for the loner. Its one seat and large, comfortable steering wheel provide an unparalleled riding experience.


Unfortunately, the packaging solidifies the Rider as a one-passenger vehicle. Even if it offered a second seat, it wouldn’t matter as there would be no secure, or even functional, space to carry any sort of bags, suitcases, gear, or even snackies.

Here’s the launch video:

As you can clearly see, this is not an evolution of practicality. If anything, it’s a passion purchase—bringing riders as close to a pure experience as possible. That is going to come with its drawbacks, like nonexistent cargo space.


Good news for Volvo is that the car was immediately popular online:


Volvo also clarified the complex engineering behind the new vehicle:


The 2017 Volvo Rider is available for order on Volvo’s website for around $177, including tax.

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