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The New Toyota Supra in Yellow: All Bets Are Off

The 2019? 2020? Toyota Supra, in some ways, already feels disappointing. We know it’s mostly a BMW, and we expect it will just drive like a BMW. Ho hum. But today the Supra MKV forum turned up this picture of the car in yellow. HOLD ON. Yellow? All bets are off. This car rules.


Once more, I’ll say that you can find the full picture with a better view of its dual exhausts (for that inline BMW engine) on the Supra MKV forum. They kindly sent this pic our way for all of us to obsess over.


I don’t mean to overestimate the importance of being able to get a Supra in yellow... wait, yes I do. Yellow is critically undervalued in today’s automotive tones.

What might have been a slightly blah large performance coupe is now a shining vanguard of joy and wonder. It’s a 1960s lightning bolt, a 1970s laser beam, a signal that cars don’t have to be rrrrrr grrrrrr serious. They can be fun! They can be... yellow!

A grey Supra driving down the street? OK. Sure.

A yellow Supra driving down the street? Crash your car. Hop on out. Get a photo. This thing is a vision of a warmer tomorrow.


Just yesterday I stopped everything that I was doing to take a picture of one of the limited-edition yellow Scion FR-Ss. It looked absolutely fantastic, transforming an already somewhat special car into something extraordinary.

Hopefully the Supra gets the same.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Raph, speaking of that yellow FR-S (release series 1.0), I drove the concept car for that in the 2015 One Lap of America. TRD had had it built with a turbo charger, coil-overs, big brakes, and all the safety equipment of a racecar. Ken Gushi initially did the promotion with it. Once I and my team got it tuned and setup for road course competition, it was sweetly balanced - like the original street car, just turned up to 11!