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The New Toyota GT 860 Special Edition Is An Orange Reason To Not Buy The Subaru BRZ

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Now that the old Scion FR-S has been inherited back into the Toyota lineup as the GT 86, the Japanese brand has finally realized it needs to offer people more than just one trim level, which Subaru has been doing with the BRZ for awhile. Enter the new Toyota GT 860 Special Edition.

I was once personally very interested in, what was then, the Scion FR-S and its twin, the Subaru BRZ. That ship sadly sailed, but I would have steered toward the Subaru, as it was just slightly the better car, with some slightly better options. Subaru was also wise to offer the Limited trim on the BRZ, which came with extra features and some ‘luxury’ touches that the Scion/Toyota never got.


Well now the Toyota has got its fancy pants grown up time trim in the 860 Special Edition. It’s a special sounding name for a car that’s essentially the color orange and a pretty standard interior upgrade, which may just be your thing.

No, the 860 Special Edition name is unfortunately not for 860 horsepower in a drastic attempt for Toyota to make up for all of the low-power complaints with the GT 86, and then some. The mechanical bits remain all the same. The 860 name does signify that this special edition isn’t really too special, with 860 cars in the orange do-up being produced. And then 860 more special editions in a white paint job. That’s 1,720 second-level trim cars parading as special editions.


But it ain’t nothing! Along with a fresh coat of either Supernova Orange or Halo White paint, the 860 also gets that fancy split black racing stripe and some 17-inch wheels in a trendy black-chrome finish. It also gets a spoiler, which I don’t think the normal 86 comes with.

For the humans inside, the 860 upgrades to a push-button start, dual-zone climate control, a bigger slab screen for the instrument panel, and heated seats with black leather and orange stitching throughout the interior.

It’s pretty neat through-and-through, especially if orange is what you’re into. I’m personally still into the Subaru for virtually nothing but superficial reasons.


H/T to Paulo!