The New Nissan Leaf Seems To Have Been Leaked By A Nissan Employee

Now, I can’t say that our audience has exactly been hounding us for images of the upcoming redesigned 2018 Nissan Leaf, but leaks of yet-to-be-seen are always exciting in their forbidden way, so we may as well have a look at this one, which is unusual in that it seems to be a leak right from the factory.

Here’s the leaked images, from a tweet by user 2001yNB8C bluemiata, since deleted, but archived:


The text that accompanied the tweet reads:

Hello, My name is Blue Miata. I work for a Nissan workplace, but I found a new type leaf at the inspection line of the Oppama factory!

Nissan’s Oppama plant is, in fact, the one where the new Leafs will be built, and these images do seem to match the teaser images we’ve seen so far:


Part of the taillight of the factory-image car is taped off, but those lines clearly match what we can see in this teaser. Another teaser video shows a drawn diagrammatic side view of the car, and the general shape and headlamp shape seem to match as well:


The new Leaf is scheduled to be revealed in almost exactly a month, on September 7. The new Leaf is expected to have a 200-300 mile range and Nissan’s most advanced semi-autonomous system to date.

While these images show a car that’s clearly an improvement over the current Leaf, that’s not exactly a difficult bar to clear. These images show a new Leaf that looks a bit better, but is hardly something remarkable, and could be easily lost in almost any box-store parking lot in a matter of minutes.


This is not the face of a Tesla-slayer. Really, it’s almost the face of a Sentra.

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