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Have you ever felt the need to add some pizzazz to your car on its way to wreck out of Cars and Coffee, even if that style will get all bent up sooner or later? Do you ever wish your Mustang had that little extra style element to denote that it is, in fact, the crash missile in the group? Then the updated Pony Package is for you!

Ford announced that the pony on the grille is “going back into the corral” for newly revised 2018 four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustangs with the package, which sounds like a good idea for all Mustangs—a physical corral, that is. Not just on the grille.


The Pony Package will also have a few other unique style characteristics, like bright window trim on the fastback, side stripes, a pony badge on the rear decklid, floor mats embroidered with a pony and 19-inch polished aluminum wheels. Lots of ponies to wreck here, folks!

In all honesty, the package looks great. The headlights are, as usual, a bit droopy, but that’s probably just in anticipation of a potential Cars and Coffee visit. Here are a couple more photos of the package in the Mustang’s unnatural environment, which consists of it being un-wrecked and intact:

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