Limited to just 50 units, the AR Plus 4 comes with Cosworth power, an adjustable suspension, bigger brakes, a different axle ratio and a revised chassis. Plus an ash wood frame, of course.

AR Motorsport is the team responsible for putting Morgans on race tracks, so the AR Plus 4 had to be way faster than the regular version, even if the classic P4 is not the first Morgan that comes into mind when we talk about performance cars.


Ford’s 2.0 was massaged by Cosworth to produce 225 horsepower, and the result is a very pleasant surprise if you lift up that long hood:

That’s a win right there. So is the rest of the package, which includes an all-new five-link rear suspension developed for the ARV6 racer replacing the leaf springs, adjustable shocks all around by Spax, larger brakes with vented discs up front, ADO 48R Yokohamas on lightweight 16 inch rims and an aluminum bulkhead to make the car more rigid.


The make the car a bit more up to date as well, they made a new dash, gave the cabin more sound proofing and a 4.1 sounds system, while all the lights got replaced by LED units.

More exposed aluminum, a twin exhaust tip, wood and fine leathers complete the looks, and for £54,995, this really feels like something special.

Why not?

Photo credit: Morgan

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