The New McLaren P13 Will Compete Against The 911 Turbo

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Just like we told you after speaking to McLaren's Development Chief during the Geneva Motor Show three weeks ago, McLaren is launching its entry level car as early as 2015.

Now Autocar reports that it will be called the P13, feature a carbon fiber body and the usual 3.8 twin-turbo V8 detuned to around 450 horsepower.


Aimed at the market gap that surrounds the Porsche 911 Turbo with a price tag of £120,000 (about $180,000), McLaren promises 911 usability with a much sportier character than what the Aston Martin Vanquish or the Bentley Continental GT can offer for the same money.

Using the MonoCell carbon fiber chassis, the magazine says McLaren will have no problem turning the P13 Coupe into a Spider later on, just like they did with the MP4-12C. As far as the styling goes, the P1 get more clues from the P1 hypercar than the MP4-12C, with clean lines that emphasize its compact size.

0-62 mph stays under four seconds, but the P13 won't exceed 200 mph, Autocar says.


Just don't expect this to be some mass-produced McLaren that everyone and their cousin will have. Autocar claims an annual production run of just 2,500 P13s per year, bringing the brand's total yearly production to a mere 4,000 cars.

Anyone interested in a Porsche-fighting baby McLaren?

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MontegoMan562 is a Capri RS Owner

I can't wait to see this thing. A more "attainable" McLaren can only be a good thing. I say "attainable" because I don't see either in my budget unless I win the lottery. This is why I've always been a Corvette guy, because for drastically less money the 'Vette can run with the 911 Turbo, and probably this new McLaren. I AM a McLaren fan though, so let's see what it can do!