The New Land Rover Defender Looks Slick As Hell In The Next Bond Movie

Photos: Land Rover
Photos: Land Rover

There’s an ungodly amount of vehicles in the upcoming James Bond movie, No Time To Die, but out of all of them it seems like the new 2020 Land Rover Defender is going to get the most action.

We’re finally starting to get some teases for the new Bond movie, and the latest is a clip of the stunt team hyping up the new Defender in its big-screen debut:


The picture car appears to be a Defender 110, the longer-wheelbase model, in a blacked-out trim we haven’t seen yet. As for any other mods, stuntperson Jessica Hawkins claims it’s “pretty much standard, as it would be out of the factory,” which I kind of doubt! Unless new Defenders are normally capable of coming through jumps and stuff just fine!

But it’s cool that we’re going to get an off-road action sequence, with what appears to be some muddy terrain and maybe a river? It’s unclear from the teaser what all is involved—by design—or how many Defenders will actually be on screen, but it should be a good time. Hopefully it lives up to the great E28 BMW M5 chase from Mission: Impossible Fallout.

The Defender joins a Land Rover Series III spotted on set months ago, Land Rover Discovery, Jaguar XF, and the Aston Martin DB5, 1977 Vantage V8, 2020 DBS Superleggera, and the new Valhalla supercar. Full movie, then.

No Time To Die, Daniel Craig’s supposed final outing as James Bond, will hit theaters in April.

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It’s not as villainous looking as the modified 110s that the bad guys in Spectre used, but considering that they are basically normal Defenders but black, damn they look quite evil. Cue the Internet telling me why I’m wrong and, despite most people on here being American and actually never living with the old one, why this new Defender isn’t a proper Defender because they don’t like the way it looks or whatever and it’s basically a Freelander at this point because that is totally an original and interesting point that is totally not overstated by people who frankly wouldn’t actually want the old Defender if they drove one. Or lived with one. Or nearly bought one then decided, no, it’s good looking and great off-road and as a tractor, but a really shit car for actually using as a car. But what the fuck do I know. I’m clearly wrong because I like it? Because the old Defender is this weird thing, which despite it huge flaws and awful build quality, safety, efficiency and overall complete lack of on road usability or comfort, is something that shouldn’t of been improved on. Because 16,000 units a year is really good, isn’t it. But again, I’m wrong because I like both the new one and the old one and the Internet has decided to hate the new one.