The New Honda Civic Type R Is Running Around Ohio!

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Like everyone else who wants to see Honda give a damn about performance again, I'm pretty excited about the new Civic Type R, and I'm eager to see if it will come to America. Technically it already has; this photo was taken in Marysville, Ohio yesterday, home of one of their manufacturing plants.


Jalopnik reader Jordyn spotted the car when it was out for a spin around town, and while it's covered in heavy camouflage, that spoiler (and the city it's in) makes it abundantly clear that it's the upcoming Civic Type R.

It's probably in the U.S. for some sort of testing. It's not at all uncommon for manufacturers to do this with non-American cars. It may also have something to do with the new family of turbo VTEC engines Honda plans on building here as well; one of them lies under the hood of this car.


Still, it's likely the only new Civic Type R in this country right now, and also one of the only ones anywhere since it hasn't even been released in Europe yet.

A challenge for you Ohio readers: if you see this car out and about, and manage to snap some photos of it, feel free to send them our way. And let's give a big, warm American welcome to the Civic Type R. I hope we'll see it again.