The New Flyin' Miata Is Here To Decimate All With A 525-Horsepower V8

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For all you power mongers who thought the stock engine that comes in the 2016 Mazda Miata was a bit low on juice, the madmen at Flyin’ Miata have got you covered. Oh, in 525 ways have they got you covered.

A GM-sourced LS3 powers this mad little thing, hooked up to a six-speed T56 Tremec manual gearbox, according to our friends at Road & Track. Flyin’ Miata told the website that “a turn-key conversion could come in slightly less expensive than the $50,000 or so that FM charges for NA, NB, and NC conversions.”


Think about that for a second. You could have the 2016 Global Mazda MX-5 Cup for $53,000. Or you could buy a base Miata and have this done to it. It probably comes down to what type of person you are.

Image Credit: Facebook

Flyin’ Miata estimates the weight to come to around 2500 pounds, which is only a little heavier than the car’s stock weight. And we all know what big power plus a short wheelbase equals: DRIFTS FOR DAYS!

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