The New Citroën C3 Is The Mini-Cactus America Deserves

Have you ever stared at an ornamental cactus on your desk and thought to yourself, “Sure, I’d drive that?” Stare no longer. Now you can have a little cactus for a car in the form of Citroën’s new Cactus-airbump-clad C3.


We were quite enamored with the quirky, rugged, door-guarding airbumps on the side of the Citroën C4 Cactus. Thus, we’re okay when Top Gear mentions that Citroën wants to add Cactus options to the rest of its range.

New C3, sans optional airbumps.

Citroën debuted their new friendly, fun looking C3 five-door subcompact today, with loads of customizable options—including several colorful interior and exterior design schemes, and of course, the airbumps we dug from its big brother.

Like the C4 Cactus I drove last year in Germany, the C3 also has the option of a panoramic sunroof that lets it feel less small inside.


And for all of our credit-slash-entertainment, the C3 is the first car to debut the new ConnectedCAM Citroën system, which is a dashcam located behind the rearview mirror. Images and videos up to 20 seconds long from the system are instantly available to share on social media or saved for later, in the case of an accident or a sweet fistfight erupting next to you in traffic.


The GPS-enabled dashcam automatically pops on the case of an accident, recording up to 90 seconds before and after the collision with the system’s 16 GB of memory. So, the airbumps won’t be the only thing protecting you in the new C3.


Either way, we dig it. Now hurry up and bring cars like these to America, Citroën. Why pay extra for goofy Bumper Buddy-style padding and cladding when you could get sweet built-in airbumps instead?


Photo credits: Citroën via Newspress

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