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We’ve been waiting for a new Bristol for more than 10 years, and here it is today: the brand new Bristol Bullet speedster.

In celebration of the weird, quirky and low-volume company’s 70th anniversary, the Bullet is a contemporary interpretation of Bristol Cars’ heritage. Meaning that, beneath the gloriously retro aviation looks, it’s as modern as anything on the road today.


It’s got a naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V8 from BMW in the front (the same one you’ll find in Morgans and older Weissmans) that, according to Top Gear:

...produces 370bhp and 370lb ft of torque, and is hooked up to your choice of a six-speed manual or auto (also via BMW). It’ll do 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds, and a 155mph limited top speed.

The Bullet’s body is hand-built in Chichester, England. And instead of the usual aluminum bodywork, you’ll find carbon fiber composites, bringing the weight down to a delightful 1,100 kg (2,425 lbs).


If lightweight cars make you think of spartan interiors and general discomfort, you’d be wrong. Get a load of that butterscotch interior. You’ll never want anything less in a car again: exquisite polished chrome, carbon fiber or wood accents and creamy leather.


After being bought by Frazer Nash Research five years ago, the Bullet is Bristol Cars’ first model under the new management. According to the company website, the Bullet started when:

...the new owners discovered a speedster, neglected and ignored under a dusty tarpaulin in its old factory. The revealed form compelled the new owners to re-capture and celebrate everything that made Bristol special.


The moral of the story here is to search under as many tarps and sheets in old car factories as possible, because you’ll never know what you can find—or start up again.


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