The New Alfa Romeo Giulia's Interior Is A Carbon Fiber Wonderland

If I could pick out one material to adorn as many surfaces as possible, it would probably be carbon fiber. Carbon fiber trim. Carbon fiber knobs. Carbon fiber seat backs. Carbon fiber toilets. Carbon fiber everything. Lucky for us, Alfa Romeo’s gorgeous new Giulia sports sedan has carbon fiber everywhere inside.


I’m usually not a huge interior snob, but I could see myself spending some good, quality time in here. Sure, I was sold on the idea of the Giulia the second they said the Quadrafoglio version would have a 510-horsepower Ferrari-tuned twin-turbo V6 and a manual, but all this carbon fiber and alcantara looks cozy and inviting up front, and like it’s all business from the hard carbon fiber shells on on the backs of the seats. Excellent.

“Hoon me,” it whispers. “Hoooooooon me.”

Sure, it’s Italian. There are some things inside that don’t seem to make much sense, like the massive start/stop button on the steering wheel that hopefully doesn’t do much if you accidentally knock it in a fast turn.


But who cares? This is your money shot. This stick, right here. I’m certain that the iDrive-like knob will bring nothing but computerized pain and agony, but you won’t need to mess with that much when you’re doing sophisticated Italian donuts.


(Bonus: even the shifter knob has carbon fiber on it.)

Here’s a video with several other views of the new Alfa’s interior. I’m certain the mess of steering wheel buttons will be frustrating on a good day and that something’ probably dimensionally wacky inside, as it should be. But who cares when you’re enveloped in that much carbon fiber and the sound of that fabulous Italian V6? Not I.


[H/T Car and Driver]

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