The Nerve Center Of America's New F1 Team Is Actually In The UK

The brand spanking new Haas Formula One team may be based in North Carolina, but much of the team’s work happens in the United Kingdom, in Banbury. CNN’s The Circuit got a sneak peek into all the preparation work that’s happening in the team’s overseas logistics center.

While Team Principal Günther Steiner mentions that Ferrari has been a huge help in getting the team started, any parts that are being sent back and forth between Ferrari’s development facilities and Haas have to come through somewhere.

Much of the packing going on at this point, though, is for upcoming race weekends. Some of the boxes in Haas’ vast facility are already being meticulously labelled for April’s Chinese Grand Prix, which is the third race of the 2016 season.

Why have a base in the UK? That’s where the talent is if you want to get into F1. Steiner mentions that approximately ninety percent of the team came from other F1 teams.


Most of all, it’s crazy to look at the sheer size of this place. Clearly, races are planned for far ahead of the actual race weekends, and teams need to keep more equipment on hand and ready to go than you’d probably think.

GIF via Haas F1 Team YouTube

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so this begs the question... what IS happening in the north carolina “base” of operations?