The Mustang SVO Cares More About 0 To 50 Than 9 To 5!

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Since it's looking increasingly likely that we're getting another four-cylinder turbo Mustang soon, I thought it would be fun to revisit the ads behind the original one: the 1984-1986 Mustang SVO.

The first one shows the men behind the Mustang, or at least some actors who play them. They're manly men! They care about performance and handling, not punching the clock. They're all about zero to 50 — not 9 to 5. This ad would make you believe that Special Vehicle Operations was four or five guys with bad haircuts who souped up the 2.3-liter four in their spare time, just because they cared about raw, unbridled speed, not seeing their wives and children.

Then there's this one, which does a pretty decent and straightforward job of showing the SVO's performance kick. As far as 80s car ads go, it's almost kind of dull — no lasers or ridiculous jingles, even though the SVO garage looks like the inside of a spaceship. "The machine speaks for itself," the announcer tells us. Fair enough.


Now, I highly doubt they'll call this new four-banger Mustang the SVO. The original one was named for the Special Vehicle Operations unit, a group that technically doesn't exist anymore. Maybe they'll call it the Mustang ST? I kind of like that one. It's similar to the Mustang GT but pays homage to the Focus ST it gets its engine from.

Any guesses on the name of the new turbo 'Stang?