The Mother of All Tuner Nivas

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V8? Check. Turbocharger? Check. Air suspension? Check. The Probag Niva is Australia’s mad take on a Soviet classic.


Beyond the so-red-it-purple-tinges-every-camera paintjob, the negative camber any old racecar would be proud of and the rather low ride height, the first thing to catch the eye is the air filter poking out of the hood. The engine force-fed by said filter is certainly a long way from the 1.6-liter inline four from Samara Oblast: this Niva’s got a 5-liter Holden V8.

Probag of Australia, an air suspension specialist, has created this car which can do wheelies, dance the dubs off any air-suspended Donk and perform fancy burnouts on its 22" rear wheels:

If you need to know everything, here’s a quick walkthrough of the modifications:

Should you yearn for a few extra thumbnails, click through to Probag’s site. And while you’re there, ponder the further possibilities of Aussie-Russki collaboration.

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Sir Lurkalot

All this thing needs is a sunroof with a big tongued monster head sticking out. It's a Rat Fink cartoon come to life. I love it.