Man charged in connection to unsanctioned car event in Wildwood that left 2 dead, others injured

This isn’t the first time that Mr.White was reckless with an automobile. further reports that White has racked up several citations resulting in thousands of dollars in fines according to records via the New Jersey Courts. White was ticketed twice in 2020 for driving with a suspended license. White’s father told NJ Advanced Media that his son recently flipped a Pontiac while going 80 mph on the highway.


The Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office released a statement denouncing this weekend’s events by saying, “Driving a motor vehicle at a high speed in a populated area is essentially the same as discharging a firearm. The results are the same, death and injury. Further, the size and weight of a motor vehicle also results in the destruction of private and public property.”

H20i events originated in Ocean City, Maryland, and were once looked at as a bunch of car enthusiasts being hassled by “the man” for having cars that were too low, too loud, or both. This latest incident certainly doesn’t help.