The Most Outrageous Details Of Fiat Heir Lapo Elkann And The Multipa Spider

There are many reasons for disliking both the Fiat Multipla and the grandson of famous Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli. One is considered to be just a hideous car while the other is the essence of the Italian playboy (born in New York). So it's definitely annotation time with this shot!

Still, when I wrote an article about Lapo a year ago in Hungarian, my conclusion was that although he looks like an ignorant, tasteless cheater who should really thank a 53-year-old tranny named Patrizia every day, he is also someone who is largely responsible for turning the new Fiat 500 into a lifestyle icon, a guy who could give up espressos for decaf (that's some willpower right there!), and someone I would love to meet in person as he is one of the most interesting characters in today's automotive industry. Just like his grandfather was back in his days.


Which brings us to the origin of the picture above. Ten years after Giovanni Agnelli’s death, the National Automobile Museum commemorated him with an exhibition entitled "The Avvocato’s cars." Apart from the audiovisual material, you will also find Agnelli’s personal cars on the floor, including the Lancia Thema S.W. Zagato, a Fiat Panda Rock Moretti, a Lancia K Limousine, a Fiat 130 Shooting Brake Maremma, a Fiat 130 Familiare, a Fiat Croma, a Ferrari 360 Speedway, a Lancia Delta Spider Integrale, a Fiat Multipla Spider and his favourite, the blue Fiat 125.

All his cars were production models which had their engines, interiors and bodywork changed to suit his tastes, much like the tailor made customization programs let you do the same if you have deep pockets nowadays.


The show is on until 2nd June in Turin, so in case you're around, make sure to check it out. After all, it's always a good time for some Fiat Group fun! Just ask Lapo, Matt or Travis...

Photo credit: Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile

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