(Image: Gordon Cheng/Effspot)
(Image: Gordon Cheng/Effspot)

Days ago, car-spotting YouTuber Gordon Cheng found himself in a Tokyo parking garage. It turned out to be a cave of wonders, full of the absolute most outrageously modified Lamborghinis I’ve ever seen.

Cheng calls the cars “bosozoku style,” a wild and rebellious style of car and motorcycle decor originally tied to the yakuza and other gangs. But the term has sort of evolved to describe basically any luxury car customized artistically and dramatically.


And, yeah, I think that pretty much covers everything lurking in this lair of twisted metal. We’ve seen some of these cars before, but getting the family together makes for one heck of a scene.

Purists—avert your eyes or prepare to weep for weeks. Not that modern Lamborghinis have any “purist” fans, do they? As my colleague Mike Ballaban says, “All Lamborghinis should be subversive and awesome!” That pretty much makes this selection the zenith of awesomeness.

To be honest, I started out shaking my head, but Ballaban’s on to something. These guys are just trying to shine, and each car still stands out even in a whole room full of peacockmobiles.

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