The Most Immersive Fast & Furious Movie Experience Will Cost You $45

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Things just keep getting better for Fast & Furious fans. First there were the 1,500 theaters showing the original film this past June, and now a company called BBQ Films is hosting an “immersive” watch party in Williamsburg, NY meant to replicate the famous barbecue scene.

You know the awesome barbecue scene in Fast & Furious where everyone says grace to the car gods? It’s an iconic scene, and BBQ Films is trying hosting an “immersive viewing experience” for you to feel what an epic Toretto barbecue is like.

The company has already hosted wild film-viewing experiences for Back To The Future and Ghost Busters, among others, and those seemed like a lot of fun based on the pictures. The company sent an email about the new experience to their fans. It reads (via Gothamist):

On Friday, July 29th, VILLAIN will become Toretto’s Garage for one night only, and yes, ticket price includes dinner (we’ll skip the tuna). The Toretto Family Cookout will feature all the transportive theatrical sets and performances that BBQ Films guests have come to expect, as well as 10-second cars and 2001's gearhead classic, The Fast and The Furious.


You can buy a ticket for $45, and Gothamist says that lets you:

share a meal with the Toretto Family, catered by a fan favorite; learn how to replace those piston rings you fried last week; grab a seat to the screening of 2001's The Fast & The Furious; snag a limited edition garage-ready poster; and experience all the transportive theatrical sets and performances that BBQ Films guests have come to expect.


Drop and extra $40, and you also get “reserved seats right in front, four furious drinks, and an exclusive gift.”

If you’re obsessed with the Fast and Furious franchise, and decide to go to this party in Williamsburg on July 29th, let us know how it goes.


And remember to thank your god for the overnight parts from Japan.