The Most Horrendous Corporate Grilles

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Doug DeMuro issued a pitch-perfect takedown of that much-loathed, much feared scourge of modern automobile design: the corporate grille. As he explained in his piece, this is almost never a good idea.


I'm also not sure why automakers insist on the corporate grille. I think it's a desire to achieve BMW-levels of brand recognition, but isn't that what badges are for? Shouldn't a car's design be able to speak for itself?


That's our Show Us challenge for the day: The worst offenders when it comes to corporate grilles.

I could plaster Acura beaks and Lexus Predator-faces in the comments all day long, but these days I'm especially not fond of the thin horizontal bars plastered across the front of most new Volkswagens. That entire brand's design language has dropped off a cliff since the early 2000s, and those ugly, bland, uncreative bars certainly aren't doing them any favors. Yes, they've had those bars for a long time, but they're looking especially sad these days.

Your turn. What corporate grilles need to die in a fire?

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Jayhawk Jake

This is Jalopnik, so no one will agree, but the smiley faced Mazdas were awful

It works on a Miata...that doesn't mean it needs to be on everything