The Most Fun Racing Game Out There Just Got A Big Update For Xbox Series X

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Image: Bugbear Entertainment

Wreckfest is the most fun racing game out there right now, and I mean that in the broadest sense possible. We can argue about the best simulator, or the best rally game or what have you, but when I want to throw down with my friends and 20 blissfully unaware bots, nothing matches the instant thrills of — or inspires me to holler quite like — Bugbear’s demolition racer. And now it’s getting even better!

Curiously, Wreckfest was left to languish at a capped 30 frames per second on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, even though those systems could assuredly run the action at a faster clip. Tuesday, the title was updated to support 4K, 60 fps gameplay on Series X, ensuring the game’s trademark carnage will now unfold as smoothly as it ought to. This accompanies the Woodland Dash tournament update for March, and you can watch the trailer for that and check out the free reward car included below.

For all its brutality, Wreckfest can be very pretty when it wants to be. Because I play the game on my PC, I wasn’t even aware that the title was still hamstrung by a 30 fps cap on the latest consoles. It sounds horrible. And I promise you, I’m not a framerate snob, but there’s no sight quite like yeeting yourself off Hellride’s notorious flame-ringed ramp, inevitably failing to stick the landing and rolling, with precision, into an oncoming car at a gloriously smooth 120 fps. Everyone should know that feeling. But hey — 60 will do.

Now, Wreckfest players on PS5 might be curious as to where their 60 fps patch is, and that’s a good question. An administrator on Bugbear’s forum suggests its on the way, which is predictable considering the developer has made the leap for the Series X camp. And surely, 60 fps at 1440p should be in the cards for the lower-specced Xbox Series S, no?


Really, I just want everyone to play Wreckfest because it really is that much fun, whether you’re racing or not. In fact, my favorite mode is probably demolition derby. Hop into the spike-clad Bugzilla with your friends — basically a monster Beetle — and make all the non-player opponents slow beaters. Set the map for Thunderbowl or Madman Stadium. I promise you, you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry.

That’s not to say Wreckfest is merely stupid fun and doesn’t appeal to enthusiasts. Although the game does not contain licensed vehicles, it does have unlicensed cars that are unmistakable copies of recognizable models, like the Datsun 240Z, Mark I Escort and even the rare Toyota 222D Group B prototype. Of course, there’s the obligatory nondescript Finnish folk-racing Volvo, too. And for all the game’s lunacy, there is a joyously invigorating handling model underpinning everything, meaning there’s as much propensity for close, precise racing as there is for epic crashes.

So if you do have Wreckfest and an Xbox Series X, or held off getting it while waiting for a patch, let this be a notice to check the game out. Maybe corral some of your friends to do the same. An entire evening will go by in what feels like minutes — trust me.