The Most Expensive VW Golf Yet Won't Even Have Rear Seats

The new ones are bigger. Photo: Volkswagen

The Golf 395 horsepower Golf R400 might be dead, but say hello to the 305 horsepower Golf GTI Clubsport S, a limited-edition track weapon with no rear seats.


Remember the GTI Clubsport that came out last year? If you’re an American you can be forgiven for forgetting it, because it didn’t go there. But it had 290 horsepower on overboost and was one of the sportiest sub-R Golfs ever.

Volkswagen announced yesterday that a GTI Clubsport S is on the way, and it will be even more hardcore. To celebrate the GTI’s 40th anniversary, VW gave the car 305 horsepower with a stiffer suspension, louder exhaust and further weight reductions like the lack of sound deadening and rear seats. But can it be lighter than 2,866 pounds?

We’ll know for sure by next week when VW debuts the car at the massive GTI gathering at Lake Wörthersee in Austria. The plan is to build 5,000 units of their track-focused Seat Leon Cupra 280 beater in the long run.


So will it come to America? I asked VW myself, and they said no, no it will not.

Sorry guys.

This is the normal Clubsport. Photo: Volkswagen
Needs more S! Photo: Volkswagen

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