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Earlier today I said that Chevrolet salesman in Japan was the most depressing job one could have in the auto industry. Naturally, I turned to my Jalopnik colleagues for other examples of horrible jobs at carmakers, real or imaginary.

Here are some ones we came up with:

Fit and Finish Inspector, Chery

Millennial Researcher, Buick

Cupholder Weighting Engineer, Toyota

Depreciation Statistician, AMG

Noise, Vibration and Harshness Engineer, Harley-Davidson

Customer Relations, Harley-Davidson

Accountant, Saab

Christian Conservative Outreach PR, Subaru

Director of Future Product, Mitsubishi

Warranty Claims, basically the entire Volkswagen Group

CEO, Opel

God help you if you actually have one of these jobs. Your turn, kids. What's the most depressing auto industry job out there, real or otherwise?