The Most Dangerous Thing In Juan Pablo Montoya's Garage Has 17 HP

Old race cars, model airplanes, trophies, a climbing wall, and even the Indianapolis 500 Oldsmobile Aurora pace car from his first win: it’s good to be Juan Pablo Montoya. Now that he’s won a second Indy 500, we fully expect Montoya to make a few additions to this Miami warehouse full of toys.

This is from a couple years ago, but I’m still going to go out on a limb and say that the sketchiest thing in JPM’s garage is still the minibike. Not the IndyCar or the Formula One racer. Nope. 17 horsepower good for 67 mph on a tiny bike is a great way to completely knacker yourself in the most “hold my beer and watch this” way possible. Those are the kinds of toys that make half the folks who make the trip to Nationals from our local autocross club come back with road rash. (And that’s why they’re great.)


Given that MotorSportsTalk reports that Montoya earned $2,449,055 for his overall win of this year’s Indianapolis 500. The total purse for prize money was $13,397,315, which included $792,555 for second-place finisher Will Power and $564,055 for Charlie Kimball. Scott Dixon got an extra $100,000 for his pole position start, cashing out with a total of $615,805 for his fourth place finish. Montoya previously won $1,235,690 for his first win in 2000, so needless to say, an Indy 500 win is worth considerably more today than it was 15 years ago.

That warehouse isn’t going to fill itself. I’m thinking a few extra storage lifts, maybe a boat...

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